PREMIER PROPERTY CARE - your premier partner in commercial property management, which deliver exceptional quality service and unparalleled availability. Specialising in maintenance and greenery work for commercial property owners, we commit to enhance your property’s value through meticulous attention and high-standard care. Our team handles everything from routine repairs to complex maintenance tasks with precision and efficiency. Our standout greenery services transform landscapes into vibrant, welcoming spaces, utilising sustainable practices that reflect our environmental commitment. Available around the clock, we provide swift and effective solutions to ensure minimal disruption and maximise property potential. Partner with PREMIER PROPERTY CARE for expert hands-on management that prioritises excellence and client satisfaction, taking your property management to the next level.

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At TAPMYBUSINESS, we specialise in transforming the way businesses operate by digitising traditional processes and embracing eco-friendly, paperless environments. Our innovative solutions enhance accessibility for your guests, allowing them to conveniently access services like room bookings, restaurant reservations, and appointments at salons or spas with just a few clicks, anytime and anywhere. By replacing outdated paper documents and advertisements with digital versions, we help declutter your space and appeal to environmentally conscious customers. Our targeted digital strategies are designed to maximise sales effectiveness through promotions, loyalty programs, and streamlined booking and payment processes. Additionally, our automated systems reduce overhead costs and administrative burdens, enabling you to focus on delivering exceptional experiences. Choose TAPMYBUSINESS to empower your business in the competitive hospitality and personal care sectors, driving revenue growth while minimising costs.

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Welcome to MADE IN SEVEN, where innovation meets sustainability to reshape the future of business technology. As a pioneering holding company, we are dedicated to enhancing marketing and sales efficiencies while promoting sustainable growth across diverse industries. Our mission is to integrate cutting-edge digital solutions that not only spur growth but also uphold environmental responsibilities. Our strategy revolves around leveraging innovative technologies to streamline operations and improve customer engagement across our subsidiaries, including TAPMYBUSINESS and PREMIER PROPERTY CARE. With over 20 years of combined expertise in eCommerce and digital transformation, MADE IN SEVEN empowers clients and their communities to achieve remarkable success in an ever-changing world, fostering a culture of innovation and responsibility.


We don’t just adapt to the future - we create it.